Statement of Purpose

This document has been written in accordance with the Health & Social Care Act 2010 and Care Act 2014 and the Regulations made under those Acts.  Each service user will be able, at all reasonable times, to inspect a copy of this Statement.

This Statement will be kept under review and, where appropriate, it will be revised.  Restcare will notify all service users of any revisions and also the Area Office of the Care Quality Commission.

Welcome to Restcare

We hope that you will find the following information helpful. If you wish to discuss anything further, please do not hesitate to contact us. The following should be read in conjunction with our brochure and statement of purpose.

Choosing a Home

From our experience choosing a home is as tough a decision as any other you have faced during your life, it can be a long and sometimes very stressful experience. Our aim is to advise you of the services and facilities that we provide to help you to make an informed choice. When visiting our home it is advisable to have a list of questions prepared in advance, which will hopefully ensure that we cover any queries that you may have before you leave. We encourage you to bring a friend or friends and relatives with you and with a little prior notice; you will be welcome to stay for lunch. We can also arrange for you to come in for day care to enable you to experience the home at first hand prior to making a decision and some guests have also found it useful to come in for respite prior to making a decision.

Moving to a New Home If you decide to come and live in our home, we will do everything we can to make your move as comfortable as possible. From the moment you arrive staff will be on hand to help you settle in. Your ‘key worker’ will discuss your individual needs and preferences to enable us to get to know you.

Contact Information

If you would like any further information you can contact us as follows:

The Old Vicarage
Stockland Bristol
Nr Bridgwater
Tel: 01278 653056

Philosophy of Care

Restcare is committed to providing the highest standard of care and has been accredited with the prestigious Quality Rating Status by Somerset Social Services. QRS was introduced by Social Services as a flagging system to highlight homes throughout the county that operate to the highest possible standards. We have also received the Investors in People award for our commitment to staff training and development, a crucial area in ensuring that we continue to provide the best possible care to our guests.

Please refer to our Statement of Purpose for details about our aims and objectives and Philosophy of Care.

Our Accomodation

The Old Vicarage nestles in the heart of the Somerset countryside. Located within its own beautifully landscaped grounds it provides a haven of rest for those who prefer the peace, which a rural setting provides.

The ‘original’ Vicarage was designed and built in 1883 for the Daniel family, the then owners of the manor. Over the years the original design has been extended and modified to reproduce a spacious, elegant dwelling, which still maintains its original character.

In addition to rooms in the main house we also offer accommodation in one of our six ‘cottages’ for those seeking greater independence. Set in the grounds, they provide extensive accommodation with their own kitchenette, bathroom, double bedroom and lounge with views of the landscaped gardens.

Please see enclosed information for further details of accommodation.

Our Guests

Our guests come from varying backgrounds for a variety of reasons. Some residents seek the company of others because they have been lonely at home; others need assistance with their daily activities because they can no longer manage on their own. Whatever the reasons, we will ensure that we develop a care programme to suit the individual. We welcome both guests who are self-funding and those receiving financial assistance.

Most of our guests are permanent but we also offer short-term care for those needing some respite. The home operates a day care program. Day care is an excellent way of seeing what is on offer before making a decision to come in to the home permanently and often works as a useful way of making friends and familiarising yourself with the different aspects of the home.

Personal Care

Staff are on hand to assist you with personal care needs 24 hours a day. The district nurse team visits the home when necessary and provides a good support network when nursing assistance is required. You will be able to retain your GP if s/he practices in the area. Should you need to change your GP this can be arranged for you.

During your first day a full assessment of your physical and social needs will be carried out. It is important that we also get to know your likes and dislikes and general preferences so that we can meet your needs appropriately. Your family can also be involved with your plan of care should you so wish. Your care plan will be regularly evaluated to ensure that it continues to meet your needs. You will be assigned a ‘key worker’, who is a member of the care staff who will have a particular responsibility for your well being within the home.

Safety and Well-Being

At Restcare the safety of our staff and guests is paramount. We operate a no smoking policy within the home. Any items of an electrical nature need to be checked by either an electrician or our Maintenance Manager prior to their use in the home.

Our staff are regularly updated on moving and handling techniques and fire safety and will ensure that these are communicated clearly to you. We ask that you co-operate with us to ensure that we maintain as safe an environment as possible for all.

The Staff

At Restcare we pride ourselves on our commitment to staff training and development. The Old Vicarage is an assessment center for the Diploma in Health and Social Care enabling us to work to the required standards with ease. The Investor in People Award and Quality Rating Award also confirm our commitment to providing a high standard of care.

Please see our Statement of Purpose for further information.

General Information


Advocacy scheme – We can assist you to access an advocate through Age Concern please ask us for information.

Chiropody / Dentist / Optician – We can arrange for you to visit these professionals or arrangements can be made for them to visit the home. Please ask for details of their charges.

Clothing – Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked prior to admission. We cannot be held responsible for lost items if they are unmarked.

Fees – The fee covers your personal care, laundry (apart from dry cleaning), meals, heating and TV license. You are expected to pay for your own telephone bill, personal clothing/shopping, toiletries, hairdressing, newspapers and magazines. We request that our fees are paid by standing order on the first of each month. Our fees are required one month in advance; an invoice will be issued until the standing order commences.

A contract will be issued prior to your stay with us. It is a legal requirement that we issue you with a contract and it is important that you read the terms and conditions before signing. The Manager will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.
Fire Alarms – Staff will inform you of the weekly fire alarm test. Should the alarm sound at any other time please remain calm and await instruction from the staff.

Gardening – We have included this hobby in our leisure programme and it continues to prove very popular. An individual approach means that all residents are able to participate in some way should they wish to, despite varying levels of ability due to various physical restrictions.

Hairdresser / Barber – A hairdresser visits the home weekly, alternatively arrangements can be made for you to visit your own stylist or for your stylist to visit you if they are willing.

Insurance – Residents’ effects are insured for up to £1000 under Restcare’s policy (Terms and conditions apply). Should you have items in excess of this figure we would advise you to take out your own policy. Age Concern as well as many other companies can offer a policy. If you would like further information, please ask for details.

Library – A mobile library visits The Old Vicarage every three weeks.

Newspapers and Magazines – These can be delivered daily and you will receive an invoice from the newsagent monthly.

Pets – We are happy to consider accommodating your pet. Much will depend on your accommodation in the home and the type of pet you have. The Manager will be happy to discuss this with you prior to admission.

Residents’ Meetings – Our guests decide how often they want their meetings, generally they are four monthly and are open to all the residents. The Manager and one other member of staff attend. These meetings are an ideal opportunity for the residents to be involved in the running of the home and general decision-making. Minutes are always available should you wish not to attend or are unable to for any reason. Any issue can be discussed privately with the Manager.

Shop – We ‘hold’ a selection of toiletries, confectionery and other items for purchase and can also order items for individuals as required. We can arrange shopping trips for you or for items to be purchased on your behalf should you so wish. A clothing retailer visits The Old Vicarage every few months.

Social / Leisure Programme – We provide extensive opportunities for guests to maintain their interests and, in fact, develop new ones. Please ask for further details. We are always looking for new ideas.

Telephone – Installation can be arranged for your own telephone in your room. You would be responsible for connection fee and running costs and BT would send the bill directly to you. Alternatively, the Home has a pay phone, which takes in-coming calls as well enabling you to make calls.

Televisions and Videos – These are available for use in some lounges, alternatively, we can arrange for you to have your own set in your room.

Visitors – We encourage open visiting but request that visitors avoid meal times if possible. If visitors are planning to visit after 9pm, we request that, for security reasons you inform the Home in advance. Family and friends are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the care of their loved one including, outings, our social / leisure programme and entertainment. Our regular relative / friends meetings enable good communication between staff and visitors and help the home towards our aim of ‘getting it right’.

At Restcare, we pride ourselves in the high standard of care that we provide. We believe that by actively involving our guests in the running of our Home and seeking your comments and views on decision-making, we can provide the environment that you want. Our team aims to promote a sense of well being within guests by encouraging independence and good physical, mental and emotional health.
Word of mouth is the best medium for advertising; please ask to see our letters of thanks for confirmation of the quality of care that we provide. We will also provide you with copies of our inspection reports from the Care Quality Commission. Please talk to our guests and their visitors.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the information we have provided, if we can be of any further assistance. Please, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and we will endeavor to meet with you as quickly as possible to discuss your enquiry further.

If you experience difficulty in reading any of the information provided by Restcare, then please contact us and we will provide either larger print copies or audio copies of the requested information.

Aims and Objectives


With over 35 years experience, the management of Restcare prides itself on offering a highly professional care service for the elderly, with a personal touch.  Restcare is pleased to accept residents for long term, short term for convalescence and holiday stays.

When people have worked hard throughout their lives and have been committed to helping others, they deserve extra cherishing. They need a home where individuality is emphasised, with staff that have time to give attention to small detail and where they have the choice of enjoying the company of like-minded fellow residents.  This Home recognises those needs fully and wishes to emphasise the following points:


The right of a resident to be left alone and undisturbed whenever s/he wishes.


The understanding of a resident’s needs and treating a resident with respect.      


Allowing a resident to take calculated risks, to make his/her own decisions and think and act for him/herself.


Giving a resident the opportunity to select for him/herself from a range of alternative options which may be appropriate to him/her.


Keeping all basic human rights available to all residents.


Enabling the resident to realise his/her own aims and helping him/her to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily living.

Philosophy of Care


Restcare aims to provide its residents with a secure, relaxed, and homely environment in which their care, well-being and comfort are of prime importance.

Carers will use their best endeavours to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents within a warm, safe and caring atmosphere, and will be sensitive to the residents’ changing needs. Such needs may be medical/therapeutic (for physical and mental welfare), cultural, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social. Residents are encouraged to participate in the development of their individualised Care Plans, in which the involvement of family and friends is appropriate and valued greatly.

Programmes of activities are designed to encourage mental alertness, self- esteem, and social interaction with other residents and with recognition of the following core values of care which are fundamental to the philosophy of this Home:








All Care Staff within Restcare will be qualified appropriately to deliver the highest standards of care. A continuous staff training programme is implemented to ensure that these high standards are maintained in line with the latest developments in Care Practices as may be laid down in appropriate legislation, Regulations and by the Care Quality Commission.

Director – Name, Experience, Address and Communication Information


Name: Samantha O’Brien – Director     
Qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1987.  Over the next 2 years worked initially in acute Medicine and then Intensive Care.  Samantha Managed a Nursing Agency for 3 years providing Nursing Care to a range of clients including those in their own homes, Nursing and Residential Homes, Hospitals, Schools and Industry.  In 1991 commenced a Batchelor of Science Degree in Psychology at the University of East London obtaining a 2:1 in 1994.  She completed a counselling course in 1994.  1991-1994 also worked as a Senior Staff Nurse in a Nursing Home covering day and night duties with management responsibilities associated with this type of post.  1994-1995 worked as a staff nurse in an Intensive Care Unit before purchasing The Old Vicarage in 1995.

Registered Manager of The Old Vicarage from 1995-1997.  During this period completed various related courses in Care.  Main responsibilities include the general overseeing of The Old Vicarage, support of Management and Staff Training and Development.
Qualifications:  BSc (Hons), Registered Nurse, A1 NVQ Assessor Award, Moving and Handling Trainer and Assessor Award, NVQ 4 Registered Manager Award.
Telephone: 01278 653056
Care Home Manager:  Susan Thomas

Experience:  38 years in care with the last 28 years at The Old Vicarage.  Assistant Manager from 1995-1997.  Sue has been the Registered Manager since 1999.  Various care related courses attended and update training maintained regularly.
Qualifications:  A1 NVQ Assessor Award, Moving and Handling Trainer and Assessor Award, NVQ 2 Care, NVQ 4 Registered Manager Award.

Communication details:  As above      

Home Organisational Structure

Restcare Exterior


Details of Staff Numbers and Staff Training


The Old Vicarage employs 19 Care Staff, 4 Kitchen Staff and 2 Domestics.  Restcare has 2 Office support staff and 1 maintenance manager. The age range of the staff is from 17 to 71.  Restcare staff are selected for their qualities of care, reliability, integrity, skill, friendliness and professionalism. They are carefully screened (especially through the Disclosure & Barring Service) and references are always checked thoroughly. During induction, all staff are trained in-house by experienced qualified senior staff in the following critical subjects:

  1. Care code of conduct
  2. Person centred care
  3. Dignity and respect and the rights of residents
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Health and safety
  6. Food hygiene and safety
  7. Care planning and personal care tasks
  8. Roles and responsibilities

Restcare also holds regular workshops and training courses such as Food Hygiene, First Aid, Moving and Handling, The Ageing Process, Drugs Medication and Management, Infection Control, Signs and Symptoms, Fire Safety and Management, Diabetic Management, Care Planning, Safeguarding, Communication/Observation Skills, Palliative Care and Infection Control.  External Training is also provided for Exercise for the Elderly, Bereavement Awareness, End of Life Care, Dementia Awareness and Management, Mental Health Awareness, Moving and Handling Assessors update training, Fire trainer update training, Infection Control update training.  All training is based on meeting the needs of our Residents and this list is not exhaustive.

Restcare encourages all Care Assistants to actively achieve the Diploma in Health & Social Care.  Senior staff are encouraged to work towards Level 3.  With Assessors on site Restcare is able to monitor the training and development of staff on a daily basis as part of its routine. We have strong training links with Bridgwater College and Somerset College in Taunton who both manage the Diploma in Health & Social Care.

Accommodation at The Old Vicarage


The Old Vicarage has 19 bedrooms many with en-suite facilities.  There are also 6 single storey cottages in the grounds providing extensive accommodation and beautiful views of the grounds.





Single En-Suite


Two Double En-Suite






Double En-Suite    



Social rooms


There are 3 lounges and 1 separate dining room. Residents are encouraged to use these shared rooms; however, some residents may choose to stay in their own rooms.



Residents interested in living at The Old Vicarage are encouraged to visit and sample the atmosphere and level of service. Often, day-care is arranged on a regular weekly basis while waiting for a vacancy. This gives the resident time to get to know the staff and adjust to new people and surroundings. A month’s trial period is always given before residency becomes permanent.  This is provided for in the Standard Resident’s Contract.

Criteria for Admission


Restcare operates an equal opportunities policy in all its operations and does not discriminate against any residents or potential residents on the grounds of sex, race, religion, disability, and ethnicity or in any other way at all.  However, Restcare does not accept any resident unless and until his/her needs have been assessed by a suitably qualified or suitably trained person and a copy of the assessment has been received by the Registered Provider or Registered Manager of Restcare.  Also, before admission, the potential resident, or his/her representative, will consult with the Registered Provider or Registered Manager regarding the consultation, following which it will be confirmed in writing to the potential resident that, having regard to the assessment, it is considered that Restcare will be suitable to meet the potential resident’s needs regarding health and welfare.

Nevertheless, occasions do arise where emergency admissions are required and when it may not be possible to comply with the above criteria either wholly or partly.  Restcare will use its best endeavours to complete all aspects of the above criteria within 24 hours of any emergency admission.

Financial Arrangements and Fees

Restcare is committed to providing value for money within a setting of comprehensive and caring service:

The fees charged are dependent on:

  1. the type of facility required, and
  2. the type of care package and needs of the individual resident

Depending on the personal financial situation, a resident can pay the fees either privately or receive benefits arranged by Social Services.  It is important to mention however that a resident who is ineligible for financial support from benefits from Social Services may find that, after a while, their financial circumstances have been reduced to a point where funding from Social Services may be possible.  Although Restcare will do its best to monitor individual resident’s circumstances, Restcare cannot accept any responsibility at all for non-recognition of any resident’s financial circumstances changing in this respect.

The current rules can be complicated and specialist advice can be arranged where appropriate.

Fees – What is included


  1. Fully trained staff in 24 hour attendance
  2. Good Home Cooking
  3. Provision for Special Diets
  4. Laundry Service
  5. GP visits as required
  6. Call System enabling assistance to be rendered at any time
  7. Extensive social/leisure programme
  8. Outings/trips
  9. Television provision and licence fee
  10. Manicure and Hand Massage

Fees – What is not included


  1. Dry cleaning
  2. Weekly visits from the hairdresser to Restcare
  3. Monthly visits for a private chiropodist to Restcare
  4. Private phone installation and calls
  5. Payment for newspapers/magazines, although delivery can be arranged
  6. Aromatherapy massage

Privacy and Dignity


Staff are trained to endeavour to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy, of all residents within a warm and caring atmosphere and will be sensitive to any resident’s changing needs.

Smoking and Alcohol


Restcare operates a no smoking policy; although residents are able to smoke in the garden should they wish to do so. With regard to alcohol, residents will normally make their own arrangements, although sherry and wine is provided under supervision.

Fire Safety


  1. Restcare has an up to date Fire Alarm System with & Fire Exit Notices’ and ‘Fire Emergency Instruction Notices’ displayed at strategic points throughout, as advised by the local Fire Officer.
  2. Staff are instructed during induction training with regard to the Fire Prevention/Drills Policy; this includes use of Restcare’s fire appliances, evacuation, muster points, raising the alarm, etc.  Residents are informed of the emergency procedures during admission.  6 monthly fire training is maintained for staff as per the legal guidelines.  Residents are updated during resident meetings.
  3. A fire exercise is carried out weekly to test the system with records of testing maintained.
  4. All fire extinguishers and emergency lighting are monitored weekly with records maintained.
  5. All fire fighting equipment and alarm system is checked 6 monthly by a qualified fire extinguisher maintenance engineer.  Records are kept of all such testing.
  6. Where possible, furniture, fixtures and fittings are made of fire-resistant and/or fire-retardant fabrics and materials.

Religion (Worship/Attendance at Religious Services)

Residents may attend religious services, either within or outside Restcare as they desire. If services are outside Restcare, the resident, if necessary and where possible, should arrange for transport and to be accompanied by friends or relatives. In the event of this not being possible, Care Staff may accompany residents on specific occasions, if staffing levels permit.

Residents have the right to meet clergy of their chosen denomination at any time. If required, a private room will be made available for such meetings.

For those residents who do not wish to join in with the regular church service an alternative room is available.

Contact With Family and Friends

The Resident’s family, relatives and friends are encouraged to visit regularly and to maintain contact by letter or telephone, when visiting is not possible. In these cases, staff will offer to assist the resident to respond where help may be needed.

Visitors will be welcomed at all reasonable times and are asked to let the Person in Charge know of their arrival and departure from The Old Vicarage. For Security and Fire Safety reasons, visitors must sign the visitor’s book on each occasion.

The resident has the right to refuse to see any visitor and this right will be respected and upheld by the Person-In-Charge, who will inform the visitor/s of the resident’s wishes, if necessary.

Care Plan Review


Once developed, the Care Plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure that the resident’s needs are being met appropriately. Any changes to the Care Plan will result in an immediate review of by the named Carer, Manager, Senior Carer and other members of care staff as necessary, jointly with the resident and, where appropriate, a member of the resident’s family.

Family and relatives will be encouraged to participate in the resident’s daily routine, as far as is practicable, and are invited to formal reviews. Residents and their relatives are always welcome to chat with a member of the Care Staff if they have any concerns at any time.

The Care Plan is reviewed at three levels:

  1. Daily on a shift-to-shift basis. At staff shift changeover, the resident’s daily care notes are handed over to the next shift and the resident’s responses and activity patterns discussed as needed. Changes to the Care Plan may be proposed at this point.
  2. At the end of the four week settling-in period.
  3. After that, a formal review is held with Care Staff on a monthly basis.

All amendments to the Care Plan will require the authorisation of Restcare Manager, Assistant Manager
or Senior Carer; certain amendments may require the authorisation of the resident’s GP. All amendments to the Care Plan are recorded in full with the resident.

The resident, or resident’s representative (with the resident’s permission), will have unrestricted access
to the Care Plan at all times.

End of Life Care


We provide care to the end of life with strong support from the palliative care team including G.Ps, district nurses and the palliative care nurses ensuring that we provide the best possible care, support and outcomes at the end of life. 



If a resident, relative or visitor, feels that there is cause for complaint, this should be discussed with the person in charge. If the complainant remains dissatisfied, Restcare’s Complaints Procedure will be implemented, a copy of this is displayed on the wall in the reception hall.



In the difficult event of bereavement, the resident’s family can expect every possible support from staff.  Whereas funeral arrangements are usually made by the next of kin, Restcare’s staff can be relied upon to assist and explain what is required.  Where there is no next of kin, the staff will attend to the necessary arrangements.

Therapeutic Activities


Restcare’s policy on ‘Therapeutic Activities’ takes into account the resident’s interests, skills, experiences, personalities and medical condition. Restcare offers a wide range of activities designed to encourage the resident to keep mobile and, most importantly, take an interest in life.

Staff encourage and will assist residents to pursue hobbies and interests.

Residents can play the following games using the equipment that is designed for fading sight:

  1. Cards.
  2. Scrabble.
  3. Bingo.
  4. Draughts.
  5. Ball games – feet or hand.
  6. Large skittle

Activities with the staff (On a Daily Basis)

Restcare’s policy on ‘Therapeutic Activities’ takes into account the resident’s interests, skills, experiences, personalities and medical condition. Restcare offers a wide range of activities designed to encourage the resident to keep mobile and, most importantly, take an interest in life.

Staff encourage and will assist residents to pursue hobbies and interests.

Residents can play the following games using the equipment that is designed for fading sight:

  1. Chatting to individual residents.
  2. Going for walks.
  3. Manicures and hand massage
  4. Playing games.
  5. Armchair exercises/flexercise
  6. Reading letters/magazines/newspapers.
  7. Helping to choose Library books.
  8. Music and sing-along.
  9. Maintain life-long hobbies, crossword puzzles etc.
  10. Reminiscence
  11. Poetry reading
  12. Painting
  13. Quizzes
  14. Gardening (indoor and outdoor)
  15. Cooking




All outings are geared to a resident’s needs and capabilities.  Due to this, there may be times when a limited number of residents can go on any one outing.  Outings are arranged on a regular basis.

Examples of outings are listed below:

  1. A drive over The Quantock Hills
  2. Visit to a Garden Centre
  3. Visit to a pantomime or play
  4. Visit to the seaside
  5. Visit to scenic gardens incorporating a cream tea
  6. Visit to an animal centre


Leaving or Temporarily Vacating


If a resident wishes to be discharged from Restcare, then one months notice must be given of this intention, or one month’s fees paid in lieu of notice. These conditions are waived during the 4 week trial period. If a resident moves out of Restcare temporarily - e.g. to receive hospital treatment - the bed is retained for as long as the normal fee is paid.

Monitoring and Quality


Within Restcare, there are various systems which ensure that close monitoring is maintained on all of Restcare’s services and procedures. Attention to the smallest detail is pivotal to everything.

An important part of Restcare’s quality programme is to involve the residents and their relatives; with comments on Restcare, the staff and services provided being sought regularly.  This may involve an internal audit, customer satisfaction survey and resident and relative meetings.  There is also a suggestion box for those who may wish to be more discreet about their views.



While it is acknowledged that many people have pets for company during their lifetime and that they may wish to bring one with them when they move, the Management has a responsibility to all the residents regarding Health and Safety and their choice to have pets within Restcare.  Pets may be permitted but each case will be treated on its merits with the absolute discretion of Management.



If a resident wants to self-medicate and is safe to do so, then all help and advice is given.  A locked cupboard in the resident’s room will be provided in this circumstance.  Otherwise, all drugs will be managed by the staff and dispensed and ordered under the instructions of the GP.  Arrangements will be made for any resident who requests to see their GP.



Restcare has a telephone which can be used by the residents for incoming calls.  It can also be used for outgoing calls at a nominal fee. Residents may have their own private line through British Telecom and will be responsible for connection and other charges incurred.



Menus will be varied and favourite dishes and special diets can be catered for.  Residents are encouraged to eat in the dining room but may eat in their own room if desired.

Tea, coffee and other hot drinks are served and available 24 hours a day.

Important addresses:


All residents and their representatives are notified of the following important addresses:

Local offices for the Care Quality Commission: 

CQC South West
Newcastle upon Tyne   

Tel: 03000 616161
Fax: 03000 616171
E mail:

Local Health Authority:-
Dorset and Somerset Health Authority
Charter House
Bartec 4
Watercombe Lane
Lynx West Trading Estate
BA20 2SU

Tel: 01935 384000
Fax: 01935 384079

County Council Social Services:
Somerset County Council
County Hall
Tel: 01823 355455
Fax: 01823 355156


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